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Rectangle Fire Pit

This rectangle fire pit wind guard is perfect for protecting your fire pits from the bright sun and fire. It is also tempered glass for added safety. The window is open at28x10. 8x6inch for ventilation.

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000 Btu Good For A Fire Pit

This outdoor table black fire pit is perfect for the home with a fire pit! It has a large size for holding all your firewood, and is also a great place to set a firewall or set up a firewood source. The large size and black color is perfect for the outdoors. This pit is also easy to set up, just set it up in minutes and its perfect for all your fire needs! this is a great gas fire pit for those who like to be in the sun. It has a 60000 btu fire pitorer that can be placed on the side or top of the fire pit. The fire pit also has a table to raise or lower the temperature of the gas fire. this rectangle fire pit is a perfect addition to your small to medium size home. With its perfect design and protectant film, you will be safe from dangerous fires. this open-face gazebo fire pit is perfect for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and practical outdoor gas fire pit. This table has a 50000 btu rating, meaning it can cook up to 56 pizzas in one hour on a single battery. The table is also covered in durable rubber feet for stability.