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Mainstays 28" Fire Pit

Mainstays 28" fire pit is an outdoor wood burning fire pit that is perfect for a backyard patio or front porch. The black w mesh spark guard keeps sparks out and it is also easy to clean. This fire pit is great for generating public appeal or selling for a garden or backyard.

Mainstays Fire Pit

There are a few things that make a fire work well. The first is that it needs to be well-stored. This means that the heat of the fire can continue to cook food for a long time. Mainstays fire pit has a built in freezer and fridge so you can keep food warm, and a heat pad to help keep the fire going. The second thing is, it needs to be well-coordinated. This means that the different items that are used to make a fire, like wood, charcoal, and wood glue, need to be in place and in use. Mainstays fire pit has all of the above. The last thing is, the fire should be well-coordinated with the area around it. This means that the heat is not spreading too far away from the fire. Mainstays fire pit has both a top and a bottom fire pit that can be easily cleaned up.

Mainstays 28 Fire Pit

Mainstays 28 fire pit is a perfect round 28 inch outdoor wood burning backyard fire pit with mesh sparks guard. This fire pit ispatio type that makes it perfect for any occasion. The mainstays 28 fire pit is perfect for your home or outbuilding and offers you a large and comfortable space to cook and enjoy your life. this 28" fire pit is perfect for mainstays in your outdoor family gathering. The fire pit has a pvc cover and spark guard to keep things safe and secure. There is also a washtub in the perpenitial corner for easy water drainage. the mainstays 28 inch fire pit is perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful and hot place to fire up a party or grill out. Plus, the easy coming together of the three inch concrete base makes it easy to clean. this 8x14 inch steel mesh steel fire pit is a great addition to your backyard patio or outdoor space. It has a black w mesh spark guard that works to keep any fire out and an 8x14 inch steel frame that can hold a lot of heat. This fire pit is easy to clean and is a great addition to your backyard or outdoor space.