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Gensun Fire Pits

This is a great fire pit for anyone who wants to enjoy a good time without having to worry about where to find food. It has a 36 square natural gas propane fire pit table that will allow you to set your fires and enjoy your stay. The gensun fire pits also comes with a balcony height that is perfect for getting up close and personal with your friends.

Gensun Fire Pits Target

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Gensun Fire Pits Walmart

This gensun fire pits is perfect for those who love to spend their days outside in nature. The fire pits can accommodate up to 36 pit fires at a time, making it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day out. The balcony-height table and balcony make it possible to watch the sun set or take in the natural beauty of the planet. this gensun fire pits is a great addition to your home or office. It has a 36 square inch natural gas propane fire pit and is a great addition for a front porch or balcony. The table is plastic and is height adjustable to within reach of most people. The umbrella-style fire pit has a great view of the city skyline. And the pool table is perfect for a game of soccer, or playing poker with friends. thisfirepit is a great source of heat and lantern light in any space. The gensun fire pits come with 36 square inches of natural gas propane fire pit table space, making them the perfect size for any event. The high-quality deck and balcony height pit also features a built-in safety first security system. With its 36 square inches of natural gas propane fire pit, you can cook up a bit of fire in under 30 minutes. The table is made of sturdy, durable, anti-vail glass and balcony height make it perfect for a top level of weather monitoring.