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Fire Pit Ash Pan Replacement

This is a great quality, 27 inch ash pan grate that is replacement for an charcoal grill. It is made of durable materials that will protect your oven and is available in a variety of colors to match your style.

Round Drop In Fire Pit Pan

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Fire Pit Cookware

The fire pit cookware list doesn't have anything called "grill pan" which you may be wondering about. The 27 inch ash pan grate for char griller is a replacement part for the char grill newcharcoal. This grater is perfect for cooking up a bit of charcoal or wood in your fire pit, and will help you cook your food more efficiently. this is a great replacement part for your charcoal grill! This pan has a 27 inch ash pan grate for use in a oven, oven, or grill. It is made of durable materials that will last and make cooking a happy experience. this is a great replaceable parts pan insert for acharcoal grill. It is 27 inches in size and can be used with a grator or pan for heat. The pan insert has a small grater on one end and a small fire pit on the other. This is a great addition for adisclaimer: this fire pan insert is the perfect replacement for your charcoal grill. The pan insert is also made from durable plastic and has a small hole in the middle for drainage. the new rectangle drop-in fire pit pan is a great replacement for the oldcharcoal grill. This pan is perfect for use in a fire pit or in a home or office where you need a large cooking surface. The 8. 4 inch size is perfect for a large fire pit or for use in a charcoal grill. The grates are made of heavy-duty materials that will last and can be replaced as needed. This pan is also disclosure: warning: this product includes a grater, which is potentially dangerous if not used properly.