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36 Inch Fire Pit

This 36 in inch steel fire pit is the perfect accessory for your campfire table. It has a diameter of 333645 and a heavy-duty liner. The fire ring is designed to protect your fire pit and keep you fed and warm.

36 Inch Fire Pit Target

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36 Inch Fire Pit Amazon

This 36 inch steel fire pit liner ring is perfect for a high-pressure wood burning outdoor project. The metal is thick and heavy-duty, making it perfect for large or high-pressure wood burning applications. This ring is available in-ground or outside, and is perfect for both small and large spaces. this ring is perfect for a good fire in your wood burning insert. This ring is made out of 36 inch round steel and is covered in a rubber base to keep the fire out. The ring is then finished with a blue and white hardwood insert to have a beautiful fire pits. the 36 inch fire pit is a great outdoor spot to relax and enjoy a warm drink or drink of water. With its vevor screen, it will keep your friends and family safe from danger. this 36 inch fire pit ring is a strong, durable ring that will help your fire pits at home come up to speed with the elements you stake your territory with. This ring isshots events well and is easy to build with just a few simple tools.