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30 Inch Round Fire Pit

This 30-inch patio round fire pit cover is designed to protect your patio from fire and water. The pit cover with waterproof uv protector is able to grill your black bbq cover and make your cooking experience even more enjoyable. Plus, it is able to be used as a waterjection platform for cooking or dumping garbage.

30 Inch Round Fire Pit Ebay

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30 Inch Round Fire Pit Walmart

This 30 inch round fire pit is made of pure garden materials and features a moon fire pit with cover. It has a poker and screen option as well as a star name or logo on the cover. This fire pit can hold up to 30 burning candles. this 36 inch fire pit is a great choice for a private party or marquee event. The steel frame and fire pit design with spark screen and poker grill will make your event stand out. This fire pit has a spark screen technology that helps to preventinic and heat exposure. It is made of hard wearing mesh and will last for years. The fire pit has a black anodized aluminum look and feel. It is also weatherproof and has a weatherstripping that helps to keep the fire pit protected from the elements. this vevor smokeless fire pitstove bonfire 23. 6 inch carbon steel outdoor with stand is a great choice for those who want to set up their own fire. The stove is also great for campers and can be easily adapted to your needs. This stove is also great for cooking, baking, and baking soda cleaning.